The Stewardship Pastor is responsible for the overall leadership and coordination of stewardship development activities at Life Fellowship, leading and supporting all activities to accomplish the stewardship strategy of the church. This includes establishing and championing an annual Stewardship Plan that details stewardship teaching methods, timing, and themes; special offering projects, timing, and promotions; planning and executing periodic capital fundraising campaigns; and establishing and executing donor recognition and development processes.

Principal Responsibilities*

• To develop and document the annual Stewardship Plan and champion its execution throughout the year.

• Develop strategies to close the back door of ministry, utilizing giving patterns and tendencies of the congregants to pastor them through heart change.

• To lead staff and volunteers in establishing, implementing, and ongoing direction of programs that effectively accomplish the church’s overall stewardship strategy. 

• To coordinate with the Senior Pastor the timing and support of periodic Stewardship teaching series as part of the church’s overall sermon/event calendar.

• Facilitate annual “tithing challenges” and other similar methods employed by the church to help people learn about and practice generosity and biblical stewardship in their lives.

• Organize and lead special offerings to support the Kingdom Builder initiatives of Life Fellowship.

• Identify and champion periodic classes and other types of training for congregants, keeping the importance of good family financial management and generosity in people’s minds and helping them develop and employ effective financial management tools and techniques.

• Establish and implement “people processes” that help the church recognize and follow up with first-time donors as well as to identify donors who have reduced or stopped their church’s financial support to answer any questions and/or resolve issues.

• Implement visible measures that help church leaders to see the improvement in donor engagement, keeping track of trends and overall church stewardship progress.

• Facilitate an annual donor appreciation event.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Unique Skills and Knowledge

• 3-5 years of church leadership experience
• Proven personal stewardship and an understanding of good financial management practices.
• Proven track record of effective leadership, and character.
• Ability to navigate church management software and other donor development software applications.
• Highly relational balanced with strong administratively
• Ability to connect with all levels of donors 

Problem Solving and Decision Making

• Positive attitude and positive approach to problem solving
• Able to execute quick & professional decisions
• Measured approach to the best solution 

Relational Connections

• Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Central Staff and Campus Staff
• Dream Team members
• Congregation 

Competencies Critical to this Position

Core Competencies

Management and leadership expertise
Ability to administrate and prioritize varied workloads, executing appropriate judgment and confidentiality
Highly self-motivated
Must have activation strengths 

Technical Competencies

Microsoft Office and Internet applications
Team player with positive, servant-motivated attitude
Communication skills, both written and oral, at all levels
Ability to replicate yourself 

Key Performance Measurements

• Meet goals for donor development
• Meet goals for available congregation training
• Routine relationally connecting with congregation members
• Professional apprearance
• Manage the budget for the Stewardship Ministry
• Develop effective, reproducible processes for donor engagement and development
• Meet regularly with oversight 

*This description is not all-inclusive, and other duties may be assigned as necessary.