prison ministry

reaching inmates and families all over the US

not a project, but part of our church family

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity for redemption and a chance to experience God’s love and forgiveness.

At Life Fellowship Church Prison Ministry, we are passionate about reaching inmates and their families across the United States. Our vision is to stimulate a massive revival and make a significant impact in reducing recidivism rates. Through our dedicated volunteers and staff, we strive to bring hope, transformation, and spiritual growth to those who are incarcerated.

Through years of experience, we have been conducting in-person and virtual church services, book studies, Christmas events, and developmental classes since 2014. Our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of inmates drives us to provide valuable resources and a supportive community.

Correctional Facilities


Inmates Reached monthly


Services per year

prison ministry

Getting connected to a church is essential for spiritual growth and building a supportive community. It provides opportunities to serve others, receive support in difficult times, and deepen your understanding of faith. 

church services

Engaging church services delivered in both live and DVD formats. Small group discussion handouts for ongoing communication.

Engage Program

Life skills classes cover motivation, job skills, responsibility, relationships, personal finances, and conflict management to empower inmates for successful reintegration.

Book studies

Transformative studies like “Andrizo Man” (authentic manhood), “Born To Be Free” (spiritual freedom), and “Watch Your Mouth” (power of your tongue) promote personal growth and transformation.

Christmas services

Special services featuring caroling, gift bags, testimonies, and a Christmas message, bringing joy and hope to inmates during the holiday season.

community groups

Inmates participate in our men’s and women’s community groups via our app, connecting, discussing, and forming meaningful bonds. Together, we create a transformative environment, fostering personal growth and positive change.

anger management

Resources on anger management, including “Overcoming Emotions That Destroy” by Chip Ingram.

you can make a difference!

Join our mission of providing hope, restoration, and a renewed sense of purpose to those in need. Together, we can make a lasting impact and bring positive change to the lives of inmates and their families. 

Simple ways you can be a part of this mission:


Breaking Chains, Building Bonds: Where Hearts Unpack and Men Unite in Truth and Freedom

At the Prison Return, men are tethered together in a common fight against the deception of the enemy. It is a place where you can unpack your heart in a safe environment where you will not feel guilt, shame, or condemnation but be loved and encouraged by other men. It is an event where men come to understand that they are not alone nor have to hide their issues. The Return provides a setting where God’s light shines into those dark places and lies are replaced with truth, thus setting men free!

pando app

Great news! Introducing The Pando App by God Behind Bars, a revolutionary way for inmates nationwide to connect with God and church through facility tablets. This remarkable development is an opportunity for you to support us by downloading the free app on your tablet. Join us in bringing hope and spiritual growth to incarcerated individuals.