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get to know pastors chris and tatum lindberg


For over twenty-five years, Chris Lindberg has served the local church as he has ministered to couples, families, and ministry leaders around the world. His work has been recognized by media outlies like, HBO, ABC, CBS and FOX. He travels as a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant for pastors and church leaders.

However, Chris’ greatest joy comes from serving the passionate community of Christians known as Life Fellowship.

In the summer of 2010, Chris became the Senior Pastor of Life Fellowship. Under his leadership the church has experienced a remarkable growth, mushrooming from a congregation of 100 to over 3,000. The church’s influence extends even further, with over 100,000 men and women attending weekly services through our correctional facility ministry across the United States. Additionally, thousands of people connect weekly through Church Online and radio broadcasts.

As a result of his leadership, Life Fellowship has become known in Dallas as a welcoming community of Christians of all different ages and nationalities. Guests are captured by its spirit and vision and are enthused by the opportunity to be a part of a growing authentic church that embraces the Spirit of God.

Chris’s commitment to Life Fellowship is surpassed only by his profound devotion to his family. As a dedicated father to two children and a loving husband, he exemplifies the importance of strong family values in shaping a purposeful life.


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