LeadershipU program exists to produce leaders who are equipped and empowered to impact and influence culture for Christ.

High-Quality Leaders No Matter The Vocation

Our aim is to train and educate emerging leaders by unlocking their potential through a ministry-academic model that provides hands on ministry training experience, blended with diploma level higher education that will produce topnotch leaders in a multifaceted and changing world.

Why LF School of Leadership?

  • Leadership

    You'll be equipped with hands-on training by Life Fellowship Church staff and leaders and grow your capacity and competence to lead and inspire others.

  • Community

    Your classmates become family as you grow, support, and encourage each other on your journey through LF School of Leadership.

  • Culture

    Culture happens either by design or by default. At LF School of Leadership you will learn what it means to be a culture carrier.

  • Vocational Discipleship

    Become knowledgeable about the integration of faith and occupation, helping to better understand the concept of calling and emphasizing the meaning and theological significance of work (not just your potential for professional or financial success).


LeadershipU is a biblical higher education program for ages 18-24 that exists to champion the calling of students for ministry and the marketplace and to shape leaders of competence, character, and spiritual maturity. By being fully immersed in the culture of Life Fellowship Church, we will combine practical and relevant teaching, while gaining practical ministry experience. Through a variety of programs, we will offer students the opportunity to graduate debt-free by starting or continuing their educational journey through our partnership with SEU.

We believe that everyone is called to ministry regardless of their profession. Whether you feel called to be a pastor, lawyer, doctor, or even a fashion designer, LeadershipU has been designed to help you navigate the course of your life and set you in motion to be a high-quality leader by building a solid foundation to build on for the rest of your life.