The Associate Connections Pastor is a multi-task position. Involving being responsible for the support and development of a systematic and effective approach to connect people in Groups and move them from visitors to active participants who embrace their growth potential.

This role requires a person with strong administrative, relational, and management skills to assist in implementing and monitoring Connections Ministry processes, and coordinating Groups, Growth Track, the Dream Team, Next Steps, and Community Outreach.

Principal Responsibilities*

• Champion the use of the Planning Center, specifically its process workflow capability, as the primary volunteer recruitment and tracking tool.
• Process Connect Cards and other information cards (registration for classes, first-time guests and new families, prayer requests, etc.).
• Provide reports regularly with key performance measurements to Campus Pastor.
• Monitor all tracks of Next Steps and assist Campus Pastor in implementing improvements.
• Participate in routine, relational oversight.
• Plan and organize regular events for volunteers, groups, and growth track attendees.
• Plan and coordinate community outreach events.
• Communicate vision and mission effectively to support staff and volunteers.
• Oversee and effectively manage budget.
• Identify and foster relationships with volunteers, members, or guests within the department or campus through routine communication and interaction with groups or 1 on 1 interactions.
• Identify and develop leaders within staff and volunteers of the department and campus.
• Engage with central personnel to ensure unity throughout programs.

• Coordinate Volunteers.
• Assist Campus Pastor in planning the usage of the current marketing methods and develop new methods to effectively market groups ministry to the church.
• Utilize Planning Center to track members’ engagement/participation.
• Measure the success of Groups, Growth Track, and Dream Team ministries.
• Reproduce yourself/build teams.
• Coordinate and schedule quarterly ministry fairs that involve ministry staff, volunteer ministry leaders, and other key volunteers.
• Facilitate the coordination of ministry-specific brochures and other printed materials for ministry fairs (theme, common format, etc.).

Growth Track
• Monitor effectiveness of connecting guest to Life Fellowship and to Community Life
• Assure we have the supplies necessary for the weekly class (books, pens, snacks, drinks, water, order food, etc.)
• Schedule the GT Leaders and Hosts
• Manage Planning Center workflows: Growth Track Completion and Growth Track Follow- Up.
• Present monthly Growth Track Reports to Campus Pastor
• Coordinate the Growth Track Connection Breakfast – Every 5th Sunday of the month.

Dream Team
• Monitor ministry needs and work towards filling volunteer roles.
• Plan and implement regular church-wide volunteer recognition events.
• Strengthen the dream team process and pipeline.
• Assist other ministries with recruiting and retention.
• Coordinate with ministries, plan, and facilitate monthly volunteer orientation sessions by selecting a date, time, and location.
• Enter, maintain, and add “positions” for all ministry areas, including ministry descriptions, application requirements, questionnaires, and personality and spiritual gift assessments.

Required Skills and Job Complexity

Unique Skills and Knowledge

• Strong communication skills
• Strong pastoral leadership
• Strong Biblical knowledge
• Strong budget management
• Able to coach others
• Highly self-motivated
• Creative vision
• Confident leadership
• Proficiency in meeting task deadlines/timelines
• Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
• Skilled at buffering interruptions
• Prioritize time
• Recruit and schedule capable volunteers
• Administrative experience
• Competent with Microsoft Office 360
• Team Building
• Ability to maintain a high level of discretion, integrity, and confidentiality. 

Problem Solving and Decision Making

• Present facts in an organized manner
• Provide a detailed description of possible solutions
• Positive attitude and positive approach to problem-solving
• Brings all necessary materials to meetings, events, etc.
• Solution-oriented
• Positive attitude and positive approach to problem-solving.
• Adapt to the fast-paced environment 

Relational Connections

• Congregation members
• Pastoral Staff
• Office Staff
• Volunteers
• Campus Dream Team members
• Central staff 

Competencies Critical to this Position

Core Competencies

• Highly self-motivated
• Proactive
• Willingness to take on new tasks and initiatives
• Management and leadership expertise
• Detail-focused and oriented 

Technical Competencies

• MS Office experience and knowledge
• Personal Tracking Software
• Communication skills, both written and oral
• Planning Center Online mastery
• Strong Organization Skills 

Key Performance Measurements

• Clear communication with leadership, congregation, and general public.
• Prompt response to critical needs.
• Correspond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
• Replicate yourself.
• Excel in building and implementing systems and protocols of the Life Fellowship vision.
• Routine staff review
• Direction and oversight of volunteers, coaches, and directors.
• Manage department budget.
• Meet department specific goals. 

*This description is not all-inclusive, and other duties may be assigned as necessary.