Message series


You Drive Me Crazy

How to deal with difficult people

We've all got people in our lives that drive us crazy! These people are manipulative, overly critical, they push our buttons, ignore our boundaries, and wreak havoc in our lives. In this series, Pastor Chris is going to teach you how to deal with these difficult people in a way that both honors God and brings peace and sanity back to our lives.

God @ Work

People, Purpose, Passion

Without even realizing it, daily life can become almost robotic. We forget to see God at work in our lives.
In this three-week series, Pastor Chris invites you to embark on a journey to see God at work in your life. Think of your day today. Did you see Him in your kids' laughter, the homeless person on the corner, or even the papers you stapled? He was there. Join us as we discover how to see God in everything - the good, the tragic, and even in the mundane.