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Audio Director

The Audio Director oversees the audio experience for Life Fellowship Church as a whole. Including live services in-person and online, original recordings, and studio recordings. Creating an environment that facilitates people to connect with God without distractions by ensuring the highest level of excellence and consistency.

The Audio Director will also work under the Tech Arts Director to lead and develop a great team of audio volunteers at Life Fellowship Church. This role requires a person with strong leadership skills who can build and train a team of volunteers for audio. The Audio Director is under the direct leadership and authority of the Tech Arts Director and oversees all the Audio volunteers, staff, and contractors. This is a full-time salaried role and does require the person to at times work nights, weekends and holidays.

This position will require approximately 40-45 hours per week.

Principal Responsibilities*

▪ Oversee the audio experience for Life Fellowship Church as a whole. Including live services in-person and online, worship video recordings, and studio recordings.
▪ Mix for live and online services.
▪ Maintain our sound identity consistently for all services provided by Life Fellowship, both live and online.
▪ Ensure sound quality and standard levels across our facility, including, but not limited to, the lobby, outdoor amenities, bathrooms, hallways, and classrooms.
▪ Manage Dante and the Crestron System for the entire facility.
▪ Coordinate/Schedule audio volunteers for all the services and special events provided by Life Fellowship, including, but not limited to, Weekends, Pursuit Nights, Groups, Students, Young Adults, Staff Prayer and Leadership U Chapels, and Kids services.
▪ Recruit and onboard new audio volunteers.
▪ Build and train the team of audio volunteers, staff, and contractors by developing an ongoing audio training program.
▪ Manage audio contractor hires when needed.
▪ Communicate audio equipment purchase and rental needs with TA Director.
▪ Meet weekly with the TA Director and note action items.
▪ Attend weekly meetings with Tech Arts Staff.
▪ Actively participate in planning and preparation for services and events that require audio support.
▪ Manage audio budget.
▪ Provide audio expertise for purchases, installations, and programming of new equipment.
▪ Research and keep up with the newest audio technology, recommending upgrades when appropriate.
▪ Regularly evaluate systems and initiate improvements and best practices when appropriate.
▪ Document and maintain audio systems/equipment labeled and organized, including but not limited to microphones, cables, speakers, soundboards, wireless packs, monitor systems, etc.
▪ Manage audio system maintenance and repair.
▪ Oversee setup and tear down of audio system for church-wide outdoor events, including, but not limited to, outdoor water baptism, special jail services, serve day, and outreach events.
▪ Record, edit, and mix audio for church podcasts.
▪ Record, edit and mix audio for LF Worship music videos, albums, and singles.
▪ Record LF Worship songwriting sessions as needed.
▪ Oversee all live recordings, overdubs, and post-production for LF Worship.
▪ Oversee audio recording and post-production for church-wide video projects, including, but not limited to, testimony videos, recap and promo videos, bumper and service opener videos.
▪ Attend church-wide Staff Meetings.
▪ Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.
▪ Perform or complete any items deemed necessary to support the vision and mission of the church.
▪ This job description may expand or change depending on the needs of the church. 

Unique Skills and Knowledge

▪ Broad knowledge of church production, audio, lighting, and video
▪ Great communication skills
▪ Excellent time management, problem-solving, and organizational skills
▪ Strong leadership and team-building skills
▪ Ability to work in a high-profile and high-stress environment
▪ Proficiency with setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting complex audio systems
▪ Knowledge of broadcast audio standards, modulating, embedding/de-embedding, routing, and broadcast equipment
▪ Proficiency in routing, distribution, and monitoring of audio signals
▪ Live and studio audio engineering skills
▪ ProPresenter knowledge
▪ Resi System knowledge
▪ Proficiency with Digital Audio Consoles, Dante, Waves SuperRack, LiveMix, and Crestron System
▪ Proficiency in ProTools (Logic & others are a plus) recording, mixing, editing.
▪ Knowledge of audio recording techniques
▪ Basic Video editing software knowledge (Final Cut or Premier)
▪ Knowledge of video and audio capture workflow (video switcher, proper a/v input routing, etc.)
▪ Basic Audio equipment maintenance skills (soldering, cleaning, labeling, etc.) 

Problem Solving and Decision Making

▪ Solution-oriented
▪ Positive attitude and positive approach to problem-solving 

Relational Connections

▪ Executive Worship Pastor, Music Director, TA Coordinator, TA Director, Production Manager, Audio Volunteers, Staff, and Contractors

Key Performance Measurements

▪ Routine oversight.
▪ Audio quality and consistency for both online and in-person services.
▪ Audio volunteers’ skill development
▪ Team building. Growth in the number of audio volunteers.
▪ Successful coordination of audio volunteers, staff, and contractors in a timely manner.
▪ Healthy relational integrity maintained both interdepartmentally and within the church body. 

*This description is not all-inclusive, and other duties may be assigned as necessary.