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Director of Events

Multi-task position involving full knowledge of church events. The position will require strong people skills, organizational, leadership and creative skills. The core responsibilities center on leading church events and building a volunteer event team. The position will require leading creatively, planning and scheduling events, building a volunteer base, developing action plans for event preparation, priority assessment and task coordination.

Principal Responsibilities*

• Meet weekly with Direct Supervisor and note action items for all events.
• Event Planning: Attend weekly ‘weekend planning meeting’, prepare and submit building requests and production requests. Follow up with necessary departments prior to event to confirm facility and equipment setup. Work closely with volunteers involved in each event.
• Lead and assist in the recruiting of event volunteers.
• Any other responsibilities deemed necessary by the Direct Supervisors. 

Required Skills and Job Complexity

Unique Skills and Knowledge

• Creative vision
• Confident leadership
• Proficiency in meeting task deadlines/timelines
• Strong communication skills
• Skilled at buffering interruptions
• Prioritize time
• Recruiting capable volunteers
• Administrative experience
• Events coordination experience
• Team Building
• Heart of Excellence 

Problem Solving and Decision Making

• Present facts in an organized manner
• Provide detail description of possible solutions
• Positive attitude and positive approach to problem solving
• Brings all necessary materials to meetings, events, etc.
• Solution-oriented
• Positive attitude and positive approach to problem solving. 

Relational Connections

• Congregation members
• Pastoral Staff
• Office Staff
• Volunteers 

Competencies Critical to this Position

Core Competencies

• Highly self-motivated
• Proactive
• Willingness to take on new tasks and initiatives
• Quick thinker and reactor
• Detail focused 

Technical Competencies

• MS Office experience and knowledge
• Planning Center Knowledge
• Phone Skills 

Key Performance Measurements

• Ensure proper oversight for all church wide events.
• Builds and train volunteer teams and leadership teams.
• Prompt response to critical needs.
• Confirm status of upcoming events weekly.
• Empowering volunteer leaders to lead and serve.
• Management and training of support team for Events.
• Clear communication with volunteers and leadership in areas of weekend services, leadership teams, and every aspect of church ministry. 

*This description is not all-inclusive, and other duties may be assigned as necessary.

Director of Events