A Letter From Our Pastor

A Letter From Our Pastor

Hello Friend,

My name is Chris and I’m the pastor of Life Fellowship Church. Currently, we are doing everything we can to help families in our city with something that’s quite difficult to navigate through. That is the loss of a loved one during these unprecedented times. We have committed to acting on this in creative and unconventional ways.

Life Fellowship Church understands that because of social distancing mandates, funerals are going to have to look different over the next few weeks and even months. We have decided to use the resources God has given us to create a unique, professional, and meaningful moment for your family with no strings attached.

As you face this season of grief, allow us to help you with the need to gather your family around each other during this time while leveraging the same technology we use to bring our church together in this digital world.

I’m praying for you during this time.

Chris Lindberg

Lead Pastor Life Fellowship Church


Step One

Simply fill out the basic form below that lets us know your specific needs during this difficult season.

Arrange Your Service

Step Two.

Our ordained ministers will assist your family through the process of grieving together.

Step Three.

Our team will schedule your ceremony according to your preferred time and our availability.

Step Four.

Our church will provide a link to the video stream of the service that you can share to those who you wish to attend virtually.

Step Five

The link to the memorial service will be online for you to share and re-watch at anytime.


Is it really free?

Completely free. If the family would like to make a tax-deductible donation to our church of any amount, they can, but are not under any obligation to do so.

Do you also provide burial?

This is not something we provide. We simply are offering a place to host a virtual memorial service.

How many people can attend in-person?

As of this moment, the mandate for Texas states that no more than 10 people can be gathered for a funeral and that they people stay six feet a part. We would recommend limiting it to as few as possible and encouraging all other family to join the online service.